Quality, Authenticity and Everlasting Style.

Quality, Authenticity and Everlasting Style.

Vito and Willy Eyewear was born out of the genuine desire of two brothers to preserve the quality of traditional artisanship, expressing this treasured skill through contemporary eyewear design and research, always following the principles of sustainable and socially responsible business. 

Vito and Willy epitomises contemporary eyewear, combining design, fashion and luxury with a unique lifestyle. 

Fashion, innovation and quality are the values that inspire and guide Vito and Willy, but it’s the brand’s creative identity that really makes it stand out and guarantees its success.

We are proud to be part of this fascinating world of innovation, but also have our own stories to tell: of Willy, the third generation of opticians in his family; of Vito, an adorable and playful dog; and of how they got together and formed a unique partnership. That’s the story: a different way of seeing life for all those who don’t want to stay on the surface but know how to look deeper.

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